PF1 Paschar

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The RideGuard Paschar MTB Front Mudguard Fender

Proven protection from front wheel spray and dirt, the PF1 is quick and easy to fit, durable, and protects your suspension fork seals. The PF1 fits  26”, 27.5”, 29”, Plus Size and Fat Bike wheel sizes.

• Easy to install, includes 4 zip ties plus fitting instructions.

• Includes the RideGuard SagSetter to help set your suspension correctly.

• Fits the major suspension fork manufacturers, including Fox and Rockshox.

• Maximum protection from tyre spray and flying debris.

• Designed and made in Bristol, UK.

Weight - 31g

Made from 100% recyclable 0.8mm polypropylene. Our testing shows that this is the optimum thickness for durability, flexibility and resistance to fatigue.

Length 250mm, width 277mm (at its widest), 92mm (at its narrowest). 

rideguard pf1 measurements