BFG - Hardcore

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The RideGuard BFG Hardcore MTB Front Mudguard Fender. With gloss stealth black pixel skull graphics on matt black guard - Sweet.

The BFG is our X-Large mudguard ready to take on the worst conditions modern trail riding and racing throws up. With Pro Curve technology, extended front and rear with contoured profile - the BFG ensures you've got maximum protection at higher speeds, keeping your vision clear and focused on the trail ahead.

Our design goal was simple, maximum protection with enough adjustability to fit modern wheel and tyre size combinations. Using six-point Pro Curve adjustability you can either dial your BFG down close to the tyre when the trail gets super wet and loose, or dial your BFG fully open for maximum mud clearance when conditions get soft and sticky.

Quick, easy to fit and very durable. The BFG fits  26”, 27.5”, 29” & Plus Size wheels.

• Easy to install, includes 4 reusable zip ties plus fitting instructions.

• Includes the RideGuard SagSetter to help set your suspension correctly.

• Fits the major suspension fork manufacturers, including Fox and Rockshox.

• Maximum protection from tyre spray and flying debris.

• Designed and made in Bristol, UK.

• The BFG features new six-point Pro Curve adjustability, to maximise protection from tyre spray and flying debris. We recommend dialling your BFG close to your tyre for maximum effectiveness. 

NEW Matt Deluxe finish with superior High Definition graphics.

Weight - 48g

Made from recycled plastic Made from 100% recycled post industrial plastic waste 0.8mm polypropylene. Our testing shows that this is the optimum thickness for durability, flexibility and resistance to fatigue.

Length 344mm, width 282mm (at its widest), 80mm (at its narrowest). 

RideGuard BFG Measurements