ADVNTR Vision & Gaiter 9/10 Review

The RideGuard Verdict

"These guards are designed primarily to keep mud and spray down, and while they don’t pretend to offer the same protection a full mudguard does, but they do a Kraken job (sorry not sorry) of keeping a heck of a lot of muck out of your face, up your back and out of your lower headset bearings."

"I kept an eye on how much mud gathers on the gaiter, as the added weight can make it flop a bit on a sticky clay day so I found a quick trailside wipe and a re-crimp of the folds would sort it. After five months on my bike, the colours haven’t faded on the incredible design (check the website for others, they’re epic) and the plastic hasn’t broken down at all or torn on creased areas which I have had happen with another brand."

"To be able to buy a cycling product that does what it says on the tin and makes a positive impact is something we should all aim for. These aren’t offering 100% protection from all kinds of mud and moisture but if you’re after something on your daily push iron to keep your clothes clean, or even something to reduce your admin time after ride by way of simple mudguard in the places that count then these are for you. All the while making powerful strokes into a sustainable future for the sport we all love."

ADVNTR Review 9/10

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