Implementing strong environmental practices

As one of the leading manufacturers of bike mudguards, we believe it is essential to lead from the front with our environmental practices. We constantly look at our products and strive to minimise the effect that manufacturing and selling them has on our environment. 

We’re passionate about keeping things local and making our products as eco friendly as possible. RideGuards don’t require any extra packaging, and with added features like the Sag Setter on the PF1 guards we’re making the most of every last piece of material. 

recycled polypropylene We invest in the most eco friendly polypropylene we can source. Currently RideGuards are manufactured from Polypropylene (PP) made from 100% Post Industrial Recyclates*. PP has the universal recycling mark ‘Number 5’ and is well suited to recycling systems around the world. As our customer, we ask you to join us in making RideGuards as environmentally friendly as possible. Please take a little bit of time to check your local recycling services can recycle PP. 

Our green mission:
1. To be environmentally responsible and minimize our environmental footprint.
2. To set and achieve environmental goals with our product design, production, shipping and day to day practices.
3. To encourage our customers and suppliers to integrate sustainability into their work processes.
4.To demonstrate that being economically successful shouldn't be at the cost of the environment.

*Waste and scrap that is collected from industrial manufacturing systems.