OceanX Guard

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The RideGuard OceanX is the worlds first mudguard made from recycled fishing nets.

We currently make all RideGuards from recycled plastic waste, but we want to go further in taking positive steps to help our environment. The OceanX will contribute to the reduction of the estimated 640,000 tons of fishing gear that gets discarded in our ocean each year.

By working with coastal communities on the collection and processing of end of life fishing nets we’re giving commercial value to this precious resource and preventing it from being discarded in our oceans and harming marine animals and eco systems.

Please join us as we take a positive step towards clean oceans and trails for generations to come.

The OceanX project will be launched via Kickstarter on 1st October 2019.

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RideGuard OceanX mountain bike mudguard fender