About us

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RideGuards are designed, tested and made in Bristol, UK. 

Bikes have been in our blood since we were all kids, we’ve carried this love of two wheels through many bike industry jobs, designing for some of the world's best loved brands. We’ve brought all this experience back home and combined our passion for bikes, design and local manufacturing to create RideGuard mudguards. We’ve used multiple guards for all sorts of cycling activities over the years, and we felt we could make improvements. Our guards are designed tested and made in Bristol, a city with a well established cycling tradition. One that gives us access to a variety of athletes, and riding applications to test our guards, and make sure they will work anywhere in the world.

We’re passionate about keeping things local and making our products as eco friendly as possible. RideGuards don’t require any extra packaging, and with added features like the Sag Setter on the PF1 guards we’re making the most of every last piece of material. 

For more information regarding our products Email - info@RideGuard.co.uk

The RideGuard Team