About us

Environmentally Badass

Business and environmentalism don't mix? We're fiercely challenging those preconceptions. Success is shared with our crew, and we're investing in meaningful impact in the cycling world with our Trash Free Trails partnership, giving funds and time to build the community organisation. We're choosing revolution by being fearless and ethical.

Our Products

All of our products are made in and around Bristol, UK. We have invested in building a network of local suppliers, it's fun, we get to go and work in person on our products with cool creative people, we get to be a pain in the ass and make changes, adding little touches that all add up and make us who we are. Then when we're done with being a pain in the ass, we thank our partners with a bike ride and beer, it's all in a days work. Bottom line is, we're all about highly functional products with kick ass design, the optimal blend of style and performance.

It's important to keep the fun alive, and at RideGuard we are striving to do our part. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take our product and service really seriously and care what RideGuard stands for.

For more information regarding our products Email - info@RideGuard.co.uk

Your RideGuard Team
Ben, Dan, Laura, Sienna.