About us

We're a family business; Ben Gaby, Daniel Gaby, Sienna, Olly and Meg, dedicated to a single cause - to have the smallest ecological footprint possible, whilst striving for positive solutions to our environmental crisis.

We are accomplishing this through investment in new supply chains (that take damaging waste streams out of our environment) and setting up new manufacuring processes that turn the recycled material into performance cycling products.

RideGuard Gravel Bike Mudguards

Our History

Frustrated with the bike industries lack of action on sustainablity and any true vision on tackling the environmental crisis, we decided we had to offer cyclists an alternative. Consequently in 2014 RideGuard was born.

Daniel, Laura and I (Ben), spent all our savings on renting an office, recycled plastic sheets, and enough equipment to make our first tiny run of custom designed PF1 front MTB mudguards. We finished the guards by hand and sold them at local bike shops and through our website.

Since then we've grown the product range to seven guards, covering all cycling disciplines, and we're known throughout the world by cyclists who demand sustainable alternatives.

Press Acknowlegement

Our disruptive approach to business has caught the attention of the media and we've appeared in multiple features and reviews, including MBR, PinkBike, MBUK, GMBN, Road.cc, RedBull, WideOpen, NSMB and Cranked.
RideGuard Press Accreditation

Industry Partners

Our kick ass designs and eco credentials has lead to us working with the best of the best in the bike industry. We currently manufacture and design custom RideGuards for Muc-Off, Hope Technology, Orange, Specialized, and Trek to name a few.

OceanX Project

We launched our groundbreaking OceanX initiative back in 2019, which has seen us turn three tonnes of discarded fishing gear into new products. We continue to push boundaries and for 2021 we're developing more products, improving on our own footprint, organising more beach and trail cleans, and working with other brands in the cycling industry on their sustainability journey.

RideGuard OceanX Recycled Fishing Net Bike Mudguards

Our Products

All of our products are made in and around Bristol, UK. We have invested in building a network of local suppliers, it's fun, we get to go and work in person on our products with cool creative people, we get to make changes, adding little touches that all add up to make a RideGuard product - highly functional with creative design, the optimal blend of style and performance.

RideGuard Mudguards Illustration

For more information regarding our products Email - info@RideGuard.co.uk

Your RideGuard Team