How to fit your BFG mudguard


RideGuard BFG front MTB mudguard

1. Detach your 'Sag Setter' by twisting until it breaks off. Attach to the hose of your shock pump, so it's ready to measure the sag of your suspension fork and rear shock. Follow your shock manufacturers guidelines and set the sag accordingly.

2. For maximum protection from flying spray and debris insert zip tie through slot '1' and slot '6' of the Pro Curve tab. This setting makes your BFG close to the contour of your tyre, if you require more clearance when the conditions are soft and sticky follow fit guide B below.

NOTE: The small tab with slot '1' should always go on top. Slots are purposefully tight, use a tight grip and give the zip tie a good push until it pops through.

3. Continue to push zip tie through slot '2' of the Pro Curve, and pull excess through so that it's flat against the inside of the BFG.

4. Insert the remaining zip ties through your chosen slots. We recommend you choose the two slots on the top of the guard that are closest to the center of the guard for maximum protection. For more clearance at the front of the guard, you can use the slots closer to the front of the guard, which will lift the front of the BFG up slightly.

5. Pinch the two sides of your BFG together and feed in-between your tyre and fork brace. Loosely tighten the zip ties around the fork legs.

6. Loosely tighten the zip ties around your fork brace. Check your guard is centered then fully tighten the zip ties around the fork brace, before giving the ties around the fork legs a final tighten.

Important: ensure your wheel rotates freely by lifting the front of your bike and spinning the front wheel. If the guard rubs on any point of your tyre or wheel, adjust the zip ties until there is no contact. Do not use your guard if you are unable to adjust and your front wheel is still coming in contact. 

Trim excess from your ties, making sure to leave enough material so you can remove them and reposition your guard at any time. The zip ties are reusable!


1B. To dial your BFG fully open for maximum mud clearance follow the steps below.

2B. Insert zip tie through slot '6', then back up through slot '2' and '1'

3B. Make sure zip tie lies flat against your guard, then follow steps 4-6 above.