The OceanX Project

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The OceanX project aims to provide positive solutions to the environmental issues facing marine habitats and wildlife, through education and collaborative action within the bike industry.

We continue to share our knowledge of recycling and the re-purposing of discarded plastics with bike industry partners, which will see these waste streams being turned into new bicycle components. Sales of RideGuards will fund this work, alongside the trail/beach cleans, and educational activities we've become known for.

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The Journey So Far..
Through new product innovation, working collaboratively with the recycled fishing net supply chain, and beach cleans, we've removed 4 tonnes of discarded fishing gear from the ocean. As of 22.11.23 we have manufactured the 4 tonnes of nets into a full production run of PF1 front mtb RideGuards and rear PF2 guards, these are available to buy from our store now.

Heading towards the new year and sales from RideGuards have been funding our continued R&D into our new MTB grips, made from recycled fishing waste. We’ve been testing and developing these for two years, working to develop a new supply chain as we strive for the perfect performance lock-on grip. Check out our Instagram for the latest. 

We currently make RideGuards from recycled fishing nets and plastic waste, but we want to go further in taking positive steps to help our environment. The OceanX project will contribute to the reduction of the estimated 640,000 tons of fishing gear that gets discarded in our ocean each year.

RideGuard OceanX Fishing Net Collection

By working with coastal communities on the collection and processing of end of life fishing nets we’re giving commercial value to this precious resource and preventing it from being discarded in our oceans and harming marine animals and eco systems.

RideGuard OceanX Fishing Net Collection

If you interested in being a part of our tribe helping us with exclusive insider product testing please signup to the OceanX newsletter. We will be able to offer discounts, insights into our R&D and research, invitations to events and workshops as well as being the first to know about OceanX product developments.

RideGuard OceanX Fishing Net Collection

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