How to fit your PF1 mudguard

1. Feed the included four zip ties through the slots.

PF1 Mudguard Fitment

2. Pinch the two sides of the PF1 together and feed inbetween your tyre and fork brace.

PF1 Mudguard Fitment

3. Check your PF1 is centred before tightening the two zip ties around your fork brace, then tighten the zip ties on both fork legs and trim off any excess.

PF1 Mudguard Fitment

Important: ensure your wheel rotates freely by lifting the front of your bike and spinning the front wheel. If the guard rubs on any point of your tyre or wheel, adjust the zip ties until there is no contact. Do not use your guard if you are unable to adjust and your front wheel is still coming in contact

That's it, your all done - get out and ride!

PF1 Fitting Instructions