How to fit a PF1 to the rear of your MTB

It's a question we get asked a lot, can you fit a PF1 to the rear of your MTB? Well there's good news, yes you can.

View video - Simply insert the supplied cable ties through the holes on the 'arms' and around your MTBs seat stays. If you have a bridge inbetween your seat stays, you can also drill new holes in the centre of your RideGuard and use the cable ties to fix.

Just check you have enough clearance between your seat stays and your rear tyre. As a rule of thumb if you can fit your index finger between your tyre and stay you'll be good to go. (If it's any tighter your guard might rub in very in very muddy/claggy conditions).

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All made by hand in Bristol UK, from recycled plastic waste.

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