Mark Matthews Joins the fight against plastic pollution.

We're stoked to have Mark join us in our mission to remove plastic pollution from our mountain bike trails. We've teamed up with Mark on his signature RideGuard PF1, our best selling MTB front mudguard. 10% of profits from sales of the guard will go towards funding for Trash Free Trails and the work we at RideGuard carry out on trail cleans and educational programs.

Mark joins other pro-riders including Yoann Barelli and Grant Fielder in helping to spread the anti-litter, pro environmental message with their huge number of followers. Establishing that littering and trashing our trails is not tolerated within the MTB community.

Purchase a custom Mark Matthews signature guard. Made in Bristol, UK. From recycled plastic waste - Also 100% recyclable. RideGuard Mark Matthews Signature RideGuardRideGuard Mark Matthews Signature MTB Front MudguardRideGuard Mark Matthews Signature RideGuard Mudguard

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