Muc-Off Custom RideGuards.

Design and production of custom RideGuards for the 'innovative care products' brand.

We've been working with the Muc-Off team for a while now on their custom mudguards. As a global brand with a vast distribution network, every detail of our custom orders has to be perfect. We scrutinise over tiny details to ensure each batch of RideGuards is bang on. With our design and manufacturing all taking place in Bristol UK, we colour match, test and quality asses each custom fender before it's sent out. Being local also gives us peace of mind, we get to recycle all offcuts from the manufacturing process which go into makign new products.

If you're looking for your own custom RideGuards, we'd love to hear from you, please email who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

RideGuard Muc-Off MTB Mudguard Fender Mountain Bike

RideGuard Muc-Off MTB Mudguard Fender Mountain Bike
Check out the Muc-Off RideGuard

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