Gravel Bike Mudguard Review

RideGuard launch eco-friendly low-profile gravel mudguards with a universal fitting to keep you clean while supporting the company’s mission for cleaner oceans. By Anna Marie Hughes - Tue, Oct 27, 2020 10:27

Handmade in Bristol from 100% Recycled Plastic Post Industrial Waste, RideGuard’s new clip-on guards are 100% recyclable and promise to give “instant protection from wheel spray and dirt”.

RideGuard (link is external) say they have been “utilising one of the most damaging waste streams—discarded fishing gear” in their products. Their manufacturing process is designed to be as low-impact as possible too, with all waste trimmed during production being recycled back into more products.

As part of their ongoing OceanX project, the eco-conscious company has already removed three tonnes of discarded fishing nets and hope to remove a further two (or more!) tonnes with the profits made from the Vision and Gaiter sales.

Read the full review here. Gravel Bike Mudguard Review

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