Yoann Barelli joins the PARTY!!

Our partnership with Yoann, Amanda and the Barelli Concepts Team happened organically through a shared love of our wild places, our sport, community, and being driven to take on the challenges required to make the bike industry more environmentally accountable.

Initial conversations revolved around our OceanX project, and how with Yoann's considerable influence within the MTB community we could do our bit in removing the 640,000 tonnes of annual fishing gear that's discarded in our oceans. Following hold-ups in supply chain with the recycled fishing net material in 2020, Yoann and Amanada were happy (and thankfully still stoked!!) to be switching to our Recycled Post Industrial Plastic Waste material, which includes our profits going straight back into the removal of plastic pollution from our trails. The sale of the 'Into The Gnar' guard will also give us money to put back into the resources we've used so far on our OceanX journey - Environmentalism + Robust Economics  =  Sustainability.

It's an exciting time, it wasn't that long ago that my attempts to bring about environmental stewardship with the bike industry fell upon deaf ears - the old-school business owners unable and unwilling to take the leap with more sustainable practices. What a difference a few years make, now with riders like Yoann on-board and young blood taking over the reigns from the old-guard, we are finally seeing the change desperately needed to make our sport more sustainable.

Check out the 'Into The Gnar' RideGuard

Thanks for reading and let's keep the good times rolling! Ben and the RideGuard team.

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