The Dink and Donk mudguard set gives you front and rear protection from spray and dirt, with an added saving bonus over buying the guards individually.

The Dink
• Quick and easy to install, includes fitting instructions and zip ties.
• Proven protection from front wheel spray and dirt, the Dink is quick and easy to fit, durable. The Dink fits  10” 12” 14" 16" 18" and 20" wheel sizes.
• Easy to install, includes 4 zip ties plus fitting instructions.
• Trim line to fit extra small forks.
• Maximum protection from tyre spray and flying debris.

The Donk
• Quick and easy to install, includes fitting instructions.
• Secure fit, includes reusable zip tie.
• Fits all standard rail saddles and compatible with saddle bags.
• Designed and made in Bristol, UK.