RideGuard Dirt Punks Clothing

Dirt Punks Clothing

Our bamboo and organic cottton mix Dirt Punk tshirts are printed by Steve and Craig at MemoryScreen in Bath. These guys know a thing or two about producing the very best tees. Steve is a true craftsman, dedicating time to ink selection and employing the best screen printing techniques to enhance the finish of each garment he creates. We have picked a selection of water based inks where possible, with a tiny amount of oil based on the napes of each shirt for longevity and brightness.

We have selected the most eco friendly packaging to ship with, without compromising the quality of your new tee.

Care Top Tips

Wash tees together
Compared to a set of denim jeans, t-shirts are actually pretty delicate. So avoid washing them with rough fabrics and garments with zips and metal hardware which can damage them.

Turn them inside out
OK We never do it (but should), but it actually makes a difference to the longevity of the print on the outside of your new tee. So turn it inside out when you stick it in the washer machine. It also helps to avoid those super annoying bobbles you get.

Stick to a cool wash
30°C cleans pretty much every stain out. Steer clear of hot washes, which can fade the colour and shrink your garment. It’ll also save your energy bills.

Do not use a dryer - it will shrink your tee. Instead lay your tee flat on a towel, roll up and squeeze. Ideally air dry flat, avoid hanging a heavy water logged tee on the line, it will stretch!

Fold don’t hang
Hangers will lead to your favourite tee loosing shape. Keep it folded in a stack, it looks much better too.

Last tip
Over time the neck of your tee will stretch if you grab it will your hands and pull it over your head. Instead grab the bottom hem and pull over, small detail that makes a difference!

Slow Fashion

The slow fashion movement is the antithesis of the mainstream fashion industry, which relies on globalized mass production with retailers selling the latest fashion trends at very low prices, and encourages consumers to purchase more than they need. This overconsumption pays a heavy environmental and human cost.

Slow Fashion embraces quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment, and prioritises awareness and responsibility, for every stage of the garments life. This includes the impact on the environment and working conditions for people involved with manufacturing, transparent information for customers to make informed decisions and considerations on the garments end of lifecycle. It encourages us to buy less garments at higher quality, made from more sustainable processes, less often. It also puts emphasis on the art of clothes making and celebrates the skills of the craftspeople who make them.

We've got areas we can improve in, if you spot anything we can do better, please let us know we'd love to hear from you. ben @ rideguard.